3 Easy WordPress Automation Tips

robotWordPress can automate certain jobs; here are three tools in particular that have saved me and my clients a lot of time.

1. Write now, publish later: if you look to the right of the screen for the Publish box as you’re writing a WordPress post, you’ll see the option to “Publish immediately”. Click the edit link in this spot to make a little calendar appear – you can set the publication date to a time in the future. The “Publish” button will turn into a “Schedule”, button and your post will automatically appear on your site at the time you’ve chosen.

2. Expire on Demand: if you have time-sensitive content, such as job openings, which need to automagically disappear from your site at a set time, the Post Expirator plugin is the solution.

3. Publish to Social Media: The Jetpack plugin for WordPress has many excellent features, including  “Integration with and automatic posting to your favorite social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.” When you publish new content, you can configure it to send notices to all your social media sites right away without extra effort from you.