3 Great Life-Management Websites

Great Websites graphic We love great websites just as much as we love a good book. Here are a few sites that we just can’t do without:

LifeHack.org – How to Achieve and Accomplish
– A Productivity, Getting Things Done (GTD) and Lifehacks blog. This one’s a must-read if you’re looking for ways to simplify your life and become more efficient. Containing articles by authors with different specialties, Lifehack has a broad scope and there’s always something fresh and useful.

HiveMinder – Track Your Tasks
HiveMinder is the everyday-people version of RT, the extremely powerful ticket-management tool used by tech support departments everywhere. If you (or your group) have a lot of tasks to manage and you need a central place to store your list, Hiveminder is a good choice.

People can email tasks to your account, where they’ll be automatically added to your to-do list. You can add items yourself, assign them to other people, set recurring tasks, check off completed jobs, set due dates, group tasks by customer, and create tasks that are dependent upon other tasks.

You access Hiveminder via a web browser, so you can log in from any computer or wireless device and see exactly what jobs are waiting for you. There’s something really satisfying about checking off a completed task and having it vanish into the ether (or the archives. Either way, it’s nice.)

iGoogle – Your Favorite Stuff In One Spot
Your personalized Google homepage. Add news, photos, weather, and stuff from across the web to your page. It’s an incredibly useful tool for people who keep up with multiple websites, because you can bring in content feeds from any blog, news page, magazine or shop that offers RSS, so all the latest content will show up on your homepage. Why visit 20 sites when you can skim all the headlines in one page?