Affiliate Programs – on Your Website

If you sell any product through your WordPress site, it’s a simple process to create an affiliate program. If you have one, people can link to your products from their websites and collect a commission whenever they generate a sale. You make money, your affiliate makes money, and everyone is happy.

Christmas Workbook: How to Plan and Create a More Meangingful ChristmasHere’s an example of how the process works, using an affiliate program belonging to my client, the Declutter Coach. If you click the banner and order her very useful Christmas workbook, her website software will track this link and pay me a commission. As an affiliate, I can log into her Affiliate Hub to see how sales are going, and to pick up premade advertisements like this one to help me sell her books.

It’s easy to get started, and it’s a win-win for the people involved. Interested in setting up your own? Give me a call!