BEAM Grant Program: Significant Website Savings

Business owners in the North Bay area can take advantage of a BEAM Grant to help cover up to 75{c7b60e2cbf05491f89f9e74f3717ec60182ef12b096a84966c0d04f7fd47435c} of their website development costs, for creating a web presence or updating an existing site.

This program is also available to businesses in the Muskoka region, and in Timmins (Northern Ontario).

The Program will help alleviate some of the associated costs of establishing your business online or for the costs associated with implementing or upgrading E-business applications. BEAM provides a framework to help small businesses define their business objectives and ensure that the right technology is implemented to achieve the desired outcomes. BEAM is the bridge between a non-technical business owner and their chosen vendor. Blue Sky Net will work with the businesses to help them define their objectives and ensure the appropriate E-business tools are chosen and leave the technical aspects of E-business development to their chosen vendor.

The program provides a rebate for up to75{c7b60e2cbf05491f89f9e74f3717ec60182ef12b096a84966c0d04f7fd47435c} of eligible costs, to a maximum of $5,000.