Before You Close An Old Email Account

Moving on from an old email account?Before you close an old email account.

Have you got a shiny new Gmail account? Perhaps you’re changing internet providers, and your email address is going to change as well. Remember to update your many online accounts first, so you don’t lose access to them when you close that old email account down.

Check these places first:

1. Your domain name registrar: do you own any domain names (such as Be sure the registrar company you deal with has your new email address on file. Also make sure the records for the domain name itself are up to date—if your domain comes up for renewal and nobody can reach you by email to remind you, you stand to lose it.

2. Your hosting provider: your website host also needs to be able to reach you if there’s an issue with your site or your hosting bill is due.

3. Inside your website itself: if you sign into your website to make updates, chances are your account has an email address associated with it, for password changes and security notifications.

4. Your Paypal account.

5. Any other online payment providers you use, if you run a business and collect money online.

6. The sites where you shop. Think Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Ticketmaster, your favourite movie theatre…anywhere you might have created an account.

7. Your social media and networking accounts. Facebook goes without saying. Do you also use LinkedIn, or any specialty professional sites?

8. Your utility companies’ websites, your internet provider, and your cellphone carrier.

This list isn’t exhaustive–if you keep a list of usernames and passwords for the sites you frequent, you can refer to it as a checklist for making sure you maintain your accounts.

Forwarding service:

Some providers will allow you to forward your old email account to your new one, for a small fee. Take advantage of this, if you’re concerned that you might forget to change your contact information in an important place.