Before You Pay For A Mobile Site

Recently we’ve been hearing about companies who are cold-calling or emailing to offer “mobile development services” to small business owners who have a pre-existing website.

These new companies may say that your website is not optimized for browsing on smartphones, and they may be right. But before you agree to pay their expensive fees to have your website redeveloped, please give me a call to talk about it, especially if you don’t have your own smartphone and can’t verify what you’re being told.

If your website has been around for several years without a major redesign, it may not have been optimized for smartphone viewing when it was first built. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done simply, quickly and inexpensively.

Often it’s just a case of writing a little bit of extra code to integrate with your current site. Or, if you’re running WordPress, we may just need to install a simple plugin – a few clicks of the mouse and your site is accessible on small-screened devices.

As a general rule, if you get unsoliticed advertisments from a company that says your website is somehow inadequate (in terms of mobile readiness, search engine optimization, security) be skeptical, check the business out carefully, and ask an expert before you consider giving them your money or your passwords.