Benefits of Business Blogging

Want more website traffic and more customers? Start blogging.

We build websites for our customers with WordPress as the platform because it’s such an easy blog tool to master. Anyone who can use a word processor can learn WordPress, and a site with more frequent updates has more value as a generator of leads, traffic and revenue.

Don’t just take my word for it. Have a look at this article titled 10 Benefits of Blogging Daily by LouiseM.

Too busy to blog that often? Make an effort to log in once a week at the beginning; you don’t have to write a long essay about an industry topic. Just share a sentence or two about what’s going on at your business, which projects you’ve completed recently, or what has you excited about your work right now.

Use Google Analytics or another stats-tracking tool to see when and how you get traffic to each blog post. Repeat regularly, and over time you’ll notice a gratifying increase in web traffic.