End-Of-Life for Sites Based on PHPWebsite

The following announcement was sent out today, March 28th, to customers who have a legacy PHPWebsite on our hosting server. None of these sites were built by AloeRoot Web Services; we have simply been hosting and maintaining them for a number of years. If you’re one of AloeRoot’s website development customers, this notice does not apply to you.


PHPWebsite is no longer being maintained by its creators, Appalachian State University, and as such, some of our hosting customers have experienced problems with specific features no longer working.


As the software on our hosting server has advanced over the years since the PHPWebsite accounts were made, we’ve had increasing amounts of difficulty keeping these older websites running smoothly.


Earlier this week, one of the PHPWebsites on our server was compromised. We’ve contained and repaired the damage, but at this point we regret to announce:


1. we can no longer offer technical support for PHPWebsites.


2. if another PHPWebsite account is found to be compromised in the future, we will need to suspend all of the ones on the server to remove the possibility of further infections. No updates or security patches will be forthcoming from the software makers.


3. we cannot guarantee that any PHPWebsite-based site will continue to function from this point forward.


If you are the owner of one of these sites, we have tried to contact you by email. We strongly advise you to contact us at your earliest convenience, to make a plan for redeveloping your site with more modern software as soon as possible.


If you’re a small business owner in the North Bay area, there is a grant program currently available, which may pay up to 75{c7b60e2cbf05491f89f9e74f3717ec60182ef12b096a84966c0d04f7fd47435c} of your redevelopment costs.


If your business doesn’t qualify for the grant, AloeRoot is willing to extend a special rate for redevelopment. Please contact me at 705-474-5733 to discuss your site.


There are several benefits to getting a redesign: you can boost your Search Engine Ranking with a faster, newer site. Modern software (such as WordPress) is far easier to work with than PHPWebsite, and you’ll be able to enjoy a mobile-friendly website layout. We regret the inconvenience, but we think you will be much more satisfied with a modern site, and so will your customers.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.