Following a Conversation on Twitter

Earlier this week I found an excellent article from Senior Planet – it covers ways in which you can follow a conversation or event on Twitter.

A lot of  new Twitter users complain that they just don’t “get” this unique social network. On Facebook, you can share photos and interact with friends. But Twitter’s rapid-fire conversation style can be a bit of a mystery. Don’t be fooled. A lot of great conversation goes on between users in Twitter’s 140-character messages, especially when those messages are designed around a central topic of discussion.

Read the full article here.

Why Twitter?

While other social networks provide a great platform for keeping in touch with people you already know, Twitter’s more like a cocktail party, where you get to mix with a huge group of people from all over the world. Hashtags help you “overhear” the conversations that are most relevant to you and, in some cases, plug you in to information you couldn’t get any other way.