Free & Easy: Open Clip Art

Sometimes you just want good, free clip art in a hurry. jeremybennett_sticky_note_pad_and_pencil

Open Clip Art .org is my first stop when I need well-drawn icons or small graphics for a project. Stock photo sites can be expensive, and if you turn to Google Images to search, you’re likely to find a lot of art, but it won’t be work that you’re legally allowed to copy.

The Open Clip Art repository contains art that’s entirely free to use, and you can even make and share derivative works based on the images you download.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for among the free illustrations, they’ve helpfully included advertisements so you can check out paid options on other websites.

You can add the tag “photorealistic” to your keyword search to uncover less cartoony-looking art designed by some of their best contributors.