Quick Book Review: Values Driven Business

One of the things I enjoy most about owning and operating AloeRoot Web Services is that I get to build a business founded upon my personal ethics and principles, where profit is one goal among many and not the major driving factor in the way we work.

Must Business be Evil? Heck No!
If you pay attention to the news media, you’re no doubt aware of all the large corporations that have abused the trust of shareholders, employees and customers and committed atrocious acts in the name of the bottom line. But there are many companies operating with a different set of ideals who are not only successful without being evil, but are highly profitable, have sound environmental policies, and are well-loved by their workers.

People, Planet and Profit
In Values-Driven Business: How to Change the World, Make Money, and Have Fun (Social Venture Network), Ben Cohen and Mal Warwick offer a look at many highly successful corporations that have evolved beyond the old business mentality to implement a triple bottom-line system: People, Planet and Profits.

Business Must Evolve
I loved this book, because it underscores for me and for other businesspeople that you can, indeed, be successful with an unorthodox way of doing things: one that involves valuing your workers, taking care of the planet and not letting the dollar be the almighty indicator of success. In this day and age, it’s becoming imperative that businesses rethink their old ways and move toward a more socially conscious methodology and this book serves as both a road map and inspiration.