The End of Single-Use

My friends, and many customers who have visited the AloeRoot office, know that I’m an environmentalist; you wouldn’t be wrong to say that I’m a bit of a hippie in that respect (although I do have good fashion sense). The AloeRoot office is set up to be as planet-friendly as possible: we compost all the kitchen waste, we go through very little in the way of office supplies, we limit vehicle use, and we run all the major appliances in off-peak hours.

This year’s goal is to get rid of single-use plastics and paper products as much as possible. We’ve replaced paper towels with washable “un-paper towels” (available handmade by Green Papaya at

We gave the boot to single-use plastic bags, in favour of reusable mesh produce bags courtesy of ItzaBag, also an Etsy seller.

We swapped the boxes of Kleenex with Wonder Wipes from Unique Rabbit (except for guests, of course – we still provide facial tissues for them!)

Finally, the dryer sheets are out the door, and we’re using wool dryer balls courtesy of CleanSypria.

Not only are all these products better for the planet, but they save money in the long run when you’re not paying for consumable products! It’s a win-win, plus it supports the small business owners who make these great items.