Turn Customers’ Issues Into Blog Posts

It can be tricky to find inspiration for blog posts.You know you should be blogging, but it’s sometimes hard to come up with the inspiration for new blog posts. You don’t like to come across as too self-promoting, but it’s good to gently toot your own horn–if you’re providing value to your customers. Here are two methods I like to use:

Two Questions For Inspiring Blog Posts:

“What problem have I solved recently?”

For example, I sometimes work on websites that need both French and English content. The first time we undertook this task, the client and I discovered some interesting logistical challenges that needed solving, so I took note of the things that stood out, and wrote this blog entry about translations to help the next person who needs to do the same thing .

“What new thing have I learned, that my customers should know about?”

A colleague recently sent me an article which discussed a new method hackers are using to infect WordPress sites. The new threat required a strategy for defending against it, and that strategy became this recent piece about abandoned plugins.

You have experience in your field, and that means knowledge to share—you just have to ask yourself the right questions!