What I’ve Learned From Advice Columnists

newspaper I read four different advice columns:

  • Carolyn Hax is someone I discovered recently.  I like her no-nonsense tone.
  • Emily Yoffe is “Dear Prudence” – she has a sly sense of humor and comes across as a warm person.
  • Ellie publishes her column in the Toronto Star and is conversational and friendly.
  • Dear Abby is, of course, the classic.

What I have learned from these wise ladies is this: everybody needs a sounding board, and it’s useful to get a fresh, objective perspective – even with regard to your website. Let your developer be an advisor as well; we have experience plus a second viewpoint that may allow you to achieve outcomes you hadn’t considered. Tell us what you hope to accomplish with your business’s web presence and we can help you make a plan.