Q and A: Everyone Asks…

I Need to Update My Own Site. Can You Set That Up?

Absolutely. We’ll build you a site using a Content Management System (CMS) that’s easy to use. We’ll train you either in person or by Zoom, and we’ll provide you with a custom user manual at no extra charge.

Who Owns My Website?

You do. As soon as the website is complete and the account is settled, we’ll provide you with a backup copy of the source code (if requested) and all the information you need to maintain control over your site. If you want to deal with someone else in the future, we promise to be reasonable about it and give you access to your site’s files.

What Do You Charge?

Our rates are competitive; AloeRoot has an edge over larger agencies because of our lean operations and simple business model. We’d rather impress you with the quality of our work than with the size of our offices – although during the warmer months, we’d love to show you around the garden!

If you represent an arts organization local to North Bay Ontario, we are willing to negotiate a discount on our fees.

How Long Does It Take?

Normally, once we receive all the content, we can have most sites online within 4 weeks. If you’re in a hurry, it helps to have all your text and photos prepared (in electronic format) to speed up the process.

Great! Where Do We Start?

Call us at 705-493-3601 or email info@aloroot.com. We’ll put together a detailed quote, and if you’re applying for a grant we can help you with the forms. After that, we exchange a little paperwork, then you can begin to get your content together and AloeRoot starts building your site!