We’re Losing The Landline – Please Update Your Contacts

As of November 1st, we’re dropping our office’s landline – please update our information in your records. You may continue to reach us at 705-493-3601. Our toll-free number is being discontinued along with our old-school phone service; we may reinstate it if there’s enough demand. Please let us know if you were a regular user…

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We’re Now Accepting Direct Credit Card Payments

Happy new year, everyone. I want to let everyone know AloeRoot is now accepting direct credit card payments on any new invoices. Pay instantly with your credit card — there’s nothing you need to sign up for! You’ll now be able to choose between Paypal, check, e-transfer, or credit cards for remittances. We hope this…

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The Upcoming WordPress 5.0 Update

Wordpress Gutenberg update

The following is adapted from a message AloeRoot sent to our clients today, November 29th, 2018. In case you were wondering if the email was legitimate, the answer is yes, and I’ve added some additional information if you’d like to learn more about the new WordPress. Hello from Steph at AloeRoot Web Services. You’re receiving…

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An Old-School Method for Avoiding Online Blackmail and Scams

The following is a guest blog post written by Greg Wotton, AloeRoot’s hardware technician: Today I received an e-mail from potential blackmailers, claiming that a website I had used had software on it which allowed the blackmailers to record what was on my computer screen as well as what was happening on my webcam. They…

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Nothing Like a Google Exam On a Cold Day

Currently in North Bay, it feels like -41 degrees Celsius with the wind chill. So what does a website developer do on a day like today? If you guessed that I’m eating cheese buns and taking Google Partners certification exams, you’d be right. (Going to the gym will be priority #1 when the temperature gets…

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