Responsive / Mobile-Friendly Design: What Is It?

People are surfing the web on  screens of all sizes, and if you’re building a site in 2014 you need to consider that your content may be viewed on a variety of devices:

  • desktop monitors
  • laptop monitors
  • television screens
  • tablet computers (iPads, Notes)
  • smartphones

A moble-friendly (or responsive) site is one that’s designed to adjust itself to fit the screen on which it’s being viewed.

If you want a responsive site, you and your developer must craft your design and content so it makes visual sense when displayed on any of the above screen types. An added challenge is that handheld devices can be oriented in different ways:


For best results, simplicity is key. Here are some tips for successful responsive designs:

  • avoid Flash-based content that won’t display on Apple devices
  • don’t include vital text in a graphic, as it may size itself down to illegibility on a small device
  • keep text concise; use headers to differentiate sections of information
  • make it possible for users to reach all your important content with a maximum of one or two clicks
  • test your site on as many devices, screen sizes and resolutions as possible
  • remember – your mission is to transmit the information your visitor wants, rapidly

Do you have to totally redo your older site for mobile compatibility? Not always; sometimes a few adjustments are all that’s needed.