5 Reasons To Have a Facebook Page for Your Business

You may already have your personal profile on Facebook, but Facebook also has a business layer where you can set up a “Page” for your company to use as a promotional and communications tool. Think of it as an interactive Yellow Pages listing, or a miniature secondary website that costs nothing.

Here are 5 reasons to maintain a Page:

1. Everyone Else Has One: Since January of 2012, there has been an increase of 40{c7b60e2cbf05491f89f9e74f3717ec60182ef12b096a84966c0d04f7fd47435c} in active local business pages on Facebook – 13 million local businesses had a Page on Facebook at the beginning of last year. In 2012, 150 million people visited a Facebook business page every day.

2. It’s Where the People Are: With so many users already on Facebook, it’s easy to attract traffic to your Page – in fact, it may be easier than driving traffic to your website. A Facebook page creates an additional channel through which people hear about you, so why not take advantage of that? Using Facebook’s statistics tools you can clearly see who is making up your Facebook market.

3. It’s So Easy: you may not personally be a Facebook power-user, but you don’t need to be. It’s simple to set up and maintain a Page, and my clients find that it’s not much extra work to update Facebook whenever they release new info on their website, or when they just have something¬† to share.

4. Because You’re Nice: if you want your organization to be perceived as approachable and communicative (who wouldn’t?), your Page is a good tool. People will make remarks and ask you questions in a public manner – reply promptly and put a cheerful, human face on your company.

5. Did I Mention It’s Free?: It doesn’t cost anything to operate a Page, but you can choose to spend a small amount of money to promote posts if you want to reach a wider audience. The rates are far cheaper than traditional advertising methods, and you’ll be able to see exactly how many people you’re reaching.

Convinced? If you need help setting up or maintaining your page, please give me a call. I’ve got extensive experience with marketing through Facebook and can make the process easy for you.